#116-99SF5: 1999 Subaru Forester GT SF5

1999 Subaru Forester GT SF5

Wrecking/parting out

Gearbox problem

Engine: 4 cylinder, 2.0L, DOHC, EJ205, turbo (TF035)

Transmission: 5 speed, manual, 4.44 ratio

Cannon muffler

52mm boost gauge

Sony head unit

Engine compression test results:

Cylinder 1 – 170 psi

Cylinder 2 – 180 psi

Cylinder 3 – 175 psi

Cylinder 4 – 171 psi


SOLD – Last updated 03/05/2018
SOLD: Full set of shocks and springs
SOLD: Windscreen wiper motor
SOLD: Front indicators – pair
SOLD: Full lock set with keys
SOLD: Rear tailgate brake light
SOLD: MAF sensor
SOLD: Pair of rear hubs
SOLD: Engine – complete
SOLD: Foglights – pair
SOLD: Driver side tail light
SOLD: Air box
SOLD: MAF sensor
SOLD: Washer bottle with pumps
SOLD: Tow bar
SOLD: Thermal fans
SOLD: Sway bar bushes with brackets – front and rear, full set
SOLD: Blow off valve
SOLD: Front passenger side guard
SOLD: Starter motor
SOLD: Pair of front seats
SOLD: Passenger side door rubber seals
SOLD: Driver side roof rail [DAMAGED] SOLD: Sony head unit
SOLD: Petrol cap
SOLD: Front driver side outer door handle