#132-00SF5: 2000 Subaru Forester GT SF5

2000 Subaru Forester GT SF5 Wagon
Wrecking/parting out

Damaged engine – Timing belt skipped teeth, damaged turbo

Engine: 4 cylinder, 2.0L, DOHC, EJ205, turbo (TD04L) [DAMAGED – Timing belt skipped teeth, shaft play in turbo] Transmission: Automatic transmission

SOLD – Last updated 03/05/2019
SOLD: Dual cup holder
SOLD: Driver side mirror
SOLD: TurboSmart Kompact blow off valve for Subaru Impreza WRX GDA
SOLD: Handbrake lever
SOLD: Blow off valve
SOLD: ECU – Possumlink WRX series 5
SOLD: Possumlink WRX series 5 ECU
SOLD: Exhaust mid pipe
SOLD: Turbo wastegate actuator
SOLD: Rear passenger side hub
SOLD: Rear passenger side brake setup
SOLD: 15″ steel wheels with tyres
SOLD: Power steering pump
SOLD: Front driver side hub
SOLD: Front drive shaft
SOLD: Front driver side ABS sensor
SOLD: Front driver side brake caliper and disc
SOLD: Fog lights
SOLD: Automatic gearbox (TZ1A3ZB2AA)
SOLD: Steering column surrounds
SOLD: Carpet
SOLD: Interior roof storage compartment
SOLD: Starter motor
SOLD: Set of head rests for rear seats
SOLD: Front driver side power window switches
SOLD: Front passenger side power window switch
SOLD: Bulk misc trim parts
SOLD: Radiator
SOLD: Front bumper bar
SOLD: Exhaust dump pipe with catalytic converter
SOLD: Clock section trim
SOLD: Boot floor middle section
SOLD: Pair of rear strut top covers
SOLD: SUBARU lettering badges
SOLD: Front passenger side brake caliper
SOLD: Pair of intercooler brackets
SOLD: Pair of front speaker spacers
SOLD: Stereo surround
SOLD: Bonnet with scoop
SOLD: Headlights
SOLD: Front grill
SOLD: Driver side front hub
SOLD: Rear windscreen
SOLD: MAF sensor housing
SOLD: Front passenger side guard
SOLD: Front passenger side indicator
SOLD: MAF sensor
SOLD: MAP sensor
SOLD: Torque converter
SOLD: Passenger side windscreen trim
SOLD: Engine wiring loom
SOLD: Throttle body
SOLD: Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
SOLD: Rear seats
SOLD: Driver side tail light
SOLD: Front driver side seat belt (DAMAGED)
SOLD: Pair of front seats
SOLD: Set of 4 fuel injectors
SOLD: Full set of door cards
SOLD: Spark plug lead
SOLD: Full set of timing belt covers
SOLD: Full set of cam gears
SOLD: 16″ steel spare wheel
SOLD: Rear drive shaft
SOLD: Front foglight switch plug and wiring
SOLD: Engine crossmember
SOLD: Instrument cluster
SOLD: Rear passenger side lateral link
SOLD: AC condenser
SOLD: Bonnet scoop from 2006-2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
SOLD: Automatic gear shifter assembly
SOLD: Pair of engine heads
SOLD: Rear sway bar with end links and mounts
SOLD: Rear drive shaft
SOLD: Engine – EJ205 short block
SOLD: Front passenger side door
SOLD: Rear bumper bar
SOLD: Rear passenger side quarter cut
SOLD: Steering wheel
SOLD: Air bag
SOLD: Clock spring