#141-05Lib: 2005 Subaru Liberty sedan

2005 Subaru Liberty 2.5i Premium sedan
Wrecking/parting out

Damaged air bag system. Hail damage. Partially dismantled.

Engine: 4 cylinder, 2.5L, SOHC, EJ253
Transmission: 4EAT, 4 speed automatic transmission

17″ alloy wheels – tyres need replacing
Leather interior

SOLD – Last updated 04/06/2019
SOLD: Engine – 4 cylinder, 2.5L, SOHC, EJ253
SOLD: Steering wheel
SOLD: Power steering pump
SOLD: Alternator
SOLD: Starter motor
SOLD: Passenger side, side mirror
SOLD: Head unit with AC controls
SOLD: Gear shifter surround trim and centre console side trims
SOLD: Exhaust mid pipe with catalytic converters
SOLD: Flex plate
SOLD: Driver side sun visor
SOLD: Oil filter attachment bolt
SOLD: 17″ alloy wheels
SOLD: Alternator with plug
SOLD: Front driver side timing belt cover
SOLD: Crank pulley/harmonic balancer
SOLD: Pair of front shock absorbers
SOLD: Front passenger side hub with knuckle
SOLD: Air conditioning compressor
SOLD: Pair of front leather seats
SOLD: Pair of driver side spark plug leads
SOLD: Front bumper bar
SOLD: Steering wheel air bag
SOLD: Windscreen washer bottle
SOLD: Interior fuse box cover
SOLD: Front driver side guard liner
SOLD: EJ25 engine sump setup
SOLD: Engine – EJ252 non-turbo long engine
SOLD: 4 speed, automatic gearbox
SOLD: Driver side tail light
SOLD: Rear passenger side door
SOLD: Rear passenger side wheel outer trim
SOLD: Full set of brake calipers