#143-02WRX: 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX GDA sedan

2002 Subaru Impreza WRX GDA sedan
Wrecking/parting out

Front end damage.

Engine: 4 cylinder, 2.0L, DOHC, EJ205, turbo (TD04L)
Transmission: 5 speed, manual, 4.44 ratio (TY754VBBAA)

Front mount intercooler setup with pod filter and adapter – damaged core
Rear strut brace
TurboSmart blow off valve (BOV)
JDM STI projector headlights – damaged passenger side
Crystal foglights
Altezza tail lights
3″ turbo-back exhaust with cannon muffler
Subaru 4 pot front brakes
Subaru 2 pot rear brakes

Alloy front LCAs (lower control arms)
52mm AutoMeter boost gauge
52mm AutoMeter air/fuel ratio gauge
Alpine IDA-X305S head unit
GReddy Profec B Spec II electronic boost controller

Engine compression test results:
Cylinder 1: 163 psi
Cylinder 2: 169 psi
Cylinder 3: 170 psi
Cylinder 4: 170 psi

SOLD – Last updated 03/05/2019
SOLD: Ultrex rear strut brace
SOLD: Stereo surround with AC controls
SOLD: Cup holder
SOLD: Top AC vents section
SOLD: Pair of front seats
SOLD: Steering wheel with air bag
SOLD: Front Subaru 4 pot brake calipers
SOLD: Rear Subaru 2 pot brake calipers
SOLD: Pair of side skirts
SOLD: Engine – EJ205
SOLD: Front bumper bar (DAMAGED)
SOLD: Air conditioning hose
SOLD: Pair of crystal foglights
SOLD: Gearbox – 5 speed, manual, 4.44 ratio (TY754VBBAA)
SOLD: Instrument cluster
SOLD: Illumination module
SOLD: Starter motor
SOLD: Front passenger side guard
SOLD: Boot hinges
SOLD: Rear passenger side ABS sensor
SOLD: Rear passenger side door
SOLD: Pair of outer rear wheel arch corner trims
SOLD: Rear bumper bar
SOLD: Rear beaver panel cut
SOLD: 3″ turbo-back exhaust with cannon muffler
SOLD: Altezza tail lights
SOLD: Fog light protectors
SOLD: Rear spoiler
SOLD: Full set of intercooler piping
SOLD: Boot lid
SOLD: Front o2 sensor
SOLD: TurboSmart Dual Port BOV for direct fit to 2001-2007 WRX/2001-2018 STI
SOLD: Air intake with pod filter
SOLD: Rear driver side door
SOLD: GReddy Profec B Spec II (Silver and Blue) Electronic Boost Controller
SOLD: PWR front mount intercooler core [DAMAGED – Heavily dented and twisted]
SOLD: Rear bumper bar
SOLD: Rear diff – R160, 4.44 ratio
SOLD: Rear passenger side sway bar mount and bracket
SOLD: Top gear shifter bushes
SOLD: Pair of rear drive shafts
SOLD: Pair of front guard reflectors
SOLD: Power steering pump
SOLD: Pair of headlights [DAMAGED]
SOLD: Driver side rear sway bar mounts
SOLD: Rear sway bar
SOLD: Pair of rear hubs
SOLD: MAF sensor plug
SOLD: Driver side outer trim across top of doors
SOLD: Solenoids plastic cover
SOLD: Front passenger side power window switch
SOLD: Driver side front guard [DAMAGED]
SOLD: Cruise control module with cable
SOLD: Amplifier
SOLD: Bonnet scoop
SOLD: Tail shaft
SOLD: Gear shifter surround with worn gear knob
SOLD: Gear shifter assembly
SOLD: Clutch hydralic cylinders setup
SOLD: Full set of pedals
SOLD: Passenger side sill body cut