Principles – About Us

This section is all about us at 3P Garage and the principles behind what we do.

Why we exist

To properly provide positive resources to the car enthusiast community.

What this means

Properly: We believe that there are proper ways of doing things and we believe in the principle of “do it once, do it right”. This does not just apply to our products but the way that we conduct our business.

Provide: We are not here just to take, but to give and help where we can. This does not mean that we are a charity or that we will sell for prices that are next to nothing. We still have to conduct our business PROPERLY so we can continue to PROVIDE our best.

Positive: There are many things that can be done but not all of them are positive. Even the right things can be communicated in a negative way. We do our best to PROVIDE POSITIVE information and we deliver it in a POSITIVE way.

Resources: At first glance this would seem to indicate parts. Where possible, we may be able to PROVIDE information as well or at least start the process of finding the right information.

Car enthusiast community: Anybody and everybody who has an interest in cars.